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hi, i'm [personal profile] dustofwarfare, and it sounds like a scary srs bsns name but it isn't! (it's a line from a Wilfred Owen poem, so maybe it is, actually, kind of serious :| ) but i am not serious, not really, because i'm an enthusiastic fangirl nursing a new obsession for FFVII, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) and all things related to such! :D!

i squee a lot! and here are the places where i am likely to be found squeeing, as well as posting fic, art and various things that make me squeak like a small, excitable puppy!





deviantart! (i make photoshop graphics with song lyrics, and post very very newbie!artist digital art/drawings there. i'm much, much better with the photoshop graphics with song lyrics, trust me :| )

i'm super friendly so if you stumble by here, say hi! i love talking about fandom, i'm 100% drama-free and i will overuse the :| emoticon and CAPSLOCK AT YOU A LOT but really, that's as dangerous as i get. answerable to Dusty or Dust, whatever floats your airship ;)
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Title: i came around
Author: dustofwarfare
Pairing: Cloud Strife/Rufus Shinra (past Zack/Sephiroth), random mention of Vincent/Yuffie/Tifa (because hot :|)
Verse FFVII Compilation, post-Advent Children
Rating: Teen to Adult
Word count: 5299 (i’m sorry, i’m incapable of writing short things okay :|)
Summary: Cloud isn't a hundred percent certain that Rufus Shinra isn't still a little evil.

AN: This is for the lovely [personal profile] madisuzy, who had a birthday recently! Thanks for being so nice to this fandom newbie, Madi! In honor of your birthday, I actually gave Cloud a happy ending ;) Title is from the song by Murder by Death of the same name, which is awesome and you should all listen to it here :D

(Also I believe I read a fic in which the author made reference to “Advent Day”, as an anniversary of the events of the movie, which I thought was awesome. I’ll go back and find that story and leave an appropriate attribution here in the notes.)

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title: love you like a ruin
author: dustofwarfare
fandom: final fantasy vii (post Advent Children)
rating: mature
content: slight warning for mild breathplay
word count: 4665
summary: For a long time they've been like two planets circling the same bright star, on a collision course doomed to destroy. Maybe it's time to start going the same direction for a change.

AN: this is probably set in the same ‘verse as “the appointed time” and “falls the shadow”, but you don’t need to read the other two to read this one. also i came across this artwork of Cloud and Sephiroth in the rain, and it made me keysmash and think thoughts about toppy!Cloud. Title from Thea Gilmore’s Razor Valentine.

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title: battle scars
author: [personal profile] dustofwarfare
fandom: final fantasy vii
pairing: rufus/sephiroth
rating: teen
summary: rufus shinra finds himself stuck in an elevator with general sephiroth, and learns a few things about war.

AN: written for the "Final Fantasy Kiss Meme" thing on DW. In which "kiss" means "angst", apparently, if you're me :|

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title: falls the shadow
author: [personal profile] dustofwarfare
pairing: sephiroth/cloud (mentions of past zack/sephiroth) (set sometime post-AC; sort of in the same 'verse as "The Appointed Time")
word count: 3695
rating: mature
summary: even without blades, someone always ends up bleeding.
AN: The title is from T.S. Eliot’s The Hollow Men.

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title: reflection
fandom: Final Fantasy VII (post Advent Children)
pairing: Cloud/Rufus
Rating: Teen

summary: cloud is trying to figure out who he is, and what he wants.

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title: the appointed time
pairing: sephiroth/cloud
timeline: vaguely after Advent Children
summary: some things between them are inevitable. this is only one of them.
author:[personal profile] dustofwarfare
rating: mature (though not explicit)

AN: title from aeschylus’ poem. newbie here, sudden obsession here i come :|

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